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August 9th though, will also mark the launch of an endeavor with preservation and celebration of art and the outdoors at its core. Through the 3 shirt series below, the aim is to express our appreciation for past leaders of, interaction with, and nature itself. This appreciation is shown in the art itself, as well as donations that will be made with each purchase.

We'll have alot more information come August, so check back with us, or better yet join our page on facebook.

Portrait Series

Whether it's the man, myth or legend, we appreciate that the world we live in has been carved by those who have walked before us. Our Portrait Series celebrates a handful of the philosophers, activists and adventurers who keep us moving forward. By preserving the memory of these free-spirits, we can all build on the leadership they've left behind. These pioneers range from the ubiquitous John Muir and Sir Edmund Hillary to the persistent Jane Goodall and all around badass Jacques Yves Cousteau.

Climber Series

Climbing is a huge part of our lives at project.wingspan (obviously). AndMama nature invites us every day to climb up and down her, and we happily oblige. Always with an effort to minimize the trace we leave, we appreciate the opportunity to engage in nature so subtly. Our Climber Series comes from the beauty we see and feel in the movement, power, and struggle of this otherwise pointless activity we love so dearly.

Enviro Series

Best planet E-V-E-R! Yep, we just said that. Earth dominates our solar system with enough beauty to last 1000 lifetimes. Our Enviro Series explores some of nature's greatest treasures - from the prehistoric Iguana to the delicate & deadly Lionfish, found in every nook, cloud & cranny.