Auckland City and OUT!

February 25, 2012 by Jeramie

Determined to buy a van, we got up and out of our ever so comfortable must-house as early as we could. We parked at a coffee shop, and got to work looking for possible vans. We eventually made contact with a couple and started booking it across town on foot to check out the first one. This one was a TRUE Sketchyvan. Matte black paint job, old oil bottle as an overflow for the water tank, rusted through in places, stained to the max, and diesel to boot. Although we didn’t buy it, we had a nice long chat with the dude selling it, and he informed us of some saucy details surrounding the aforementioned Backpackers’ Car Market. It turns out they’ve been running a fraudulent operation for several years now, ripping off tourists left and right and somehow getting away with it. They were recently on the television here for their doings, and a case is currently being brought against them in court which will supposedly put them out of business in the next couple months. If by any chance you’re headed to NZ… STEAR CLEAR of them! We are supremely grateful to those who warned us.

So, despite the allure of a true Sketchyvan, we had one other seller to visit that day before we made our final decision. In true Kiwi style, the seller of the matte black van offered to drive to the other seller, since we had only a vague idea of where it in fact was. Turned out, good for us, bad for him. Lucky for us, he saved us from a serious hike, unfortunately for him, he led us away from buying his van. At the end of this yellow brick road was a bright red beast (yet unnamed), a Misubishi L300 from an Austrian guy who was anxious to move on with his trip, and head to Australia.

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2 Responses to “Auckland City and OUT!”

  1. Luke says:

    What?! U passed on a DIESEL sketchyvan? Red beast looks rad though.

    • Jeramie says:

      Buddy, I had this supreme feeling of guilt as we test drove around in the matte black, with LukeyQ in my head saying ” Buy it! Buy it! This is the one!!!!” but seriously I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. No stove, crappy bed, rusting all over, overflow tank made out of an old oil bottle, and spent years as a work truck, undoubtedly beat to shit. In the end I think our big red beauty is workin out well. Oh! and also, there are road taxes for driving diesel here. You have to pay for every 1000 kilometers you drive a diesel down here. So that was a turn off also. Anyhoo, let it be known that you were hanging over my shoulder (devil or angel I’m not sure) throughout the entire process.

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