Final Days… on the North Island

March 3, 2012 by Jeramie

Castle Point is a nice little town, accented by a lighthouse high atop an outcropping of rock, and a huge lifted cliff overlooking the sea. At high tide, the lighthouse is unreachable, thus the driving through the night to get there. We got there an hour or so after low tide, early in the morning, and headed out to the point to take in the view beneath what has become rare sunlight, shoot photos of temporary rainbows flickering into existence with the monster crash of waves on the cliffside below us, and a cold Tui.

I realize we may not have explained what a Tui is yet. It’s their “national” beer. I call it national, only because it’s the one that’s everywhere. It’s like Budweiser and Miller in the states, combined. Or Belikin in Belize. Guinness in Ireland… You get the idea. So, the label says “East India Pale Ale”. Do not be fooled. Imagine a Budweiser mixed with a very mild Pale Ale. But find it refreshing. I’m not saying it’s good. And I AM saying it’s gotta be damn cold to appreciate. But once you realize there’s not much of a selection around you, it becomes plenty enjoyable. But my God does it make me miss Portland, haha.

After our morning brew, we set our sights south to check out the Pinnacles, and then head north to finish our travels on the North Island at NZ’s longest swinging bridge. Fortunately/unfortunately it’s been rebuilt as a very sturdy and safe metal swing bridge now. Beautiful view, but I was hoping for some Indiana Jones style fear factor crossing it.

Once we tore back into town from the gorge along one of the sketchier gravel roads thus far, we grabbed some internet the next morning, only to find out our ferry to the South Island had been cancelled due to the heavy storm in the area (clear if you looked around and saw the rivers of chocolate overtaking the side roads, and the bay that looked like an endless surf break) Which brings me to right now, early the next morning, sitting in our van, waiting in line to board the ferry the following morning. FINALLY, we’re caught up. We’ve skipped things I’m sure, and there will be lots of pictures added here and there that I’ve skipped in the posts, but more or less, we’re caught up to the present, which I NEVER accomplish on the road. Cheers everyone, miss you all, having a blast, but can’t wait to see ya.

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