Everyone… Meet Bertie Lou!

March 7, 2012 by Jeramie

I should have introduced you all by now, my apologies… Bertie Lou meet everyone, everyone meet Bertie Lou.

Our fiery red behemoth has been dubbed, after much deliberation, Bertie Lou. The moniker of a mutual Portland hometown favorite (corner breakfast joint), we found the quirky name worthy. Lou’s been a 4 star performer so far, rough starter in the mornings, leaks a bit of oil, but overall has been a wonderful travel vessel and home. As I mentioned earlier she’s a manual transmission, rear wheel drive Mitsubishi Delica (L300). We’re coming up on 3,000 kilometers together thus far. She’s already climbed high into the hills of Tongariro and gotten stuck in the sands of Hokio Beach. All the while providing comfy sleeping quarters. She’s got a FULL mattress, likeā€¦ all the way door-to-door, real house style mattress! So despite living in a van, we ACTUALLY get real sleep every night. We’ve got a nice little single burner stove, along with my camper stove, a modest kitchen of pots, pans, plates, bowls, forks, spoons and knives, containers for food and supplies, and two large jugs for water. Under the bed we’ve got storage space along with 2 camping chairs, 2 beach chairs, BADMINTON rackets!? And the stereo up front supports AUX in, supporting the all important ipods full of music for this journey. To top it off, and clear from the pics, we’ve got “bull bars” both front and back to avoid any significant damage. Gotta say Bertie’s a good looking girl, and just as beautiful inside as out. My only regret is we can’t take her home.

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