Sunshine! For now…

March 9, 2012 by Jeramie

Sunshine! Beautiful blue filled skies and sunshine! Real sunshine! Ahhhh. Ok, no authorities during the night moving us along from our coastal abode, so all is well, breakfast and we’re out for a hike. Rumor is we’re going to run into a massive group of seals, not used to human encounter, which can get a bit noisy if not hairy. We’ll see how this goes.


Scott’s book which brought us to this hike warned us we would encounter much wilder, and abrasive Fur Seals than we had encountered up north. Unaccustomed to human encounter, and very nervous of your presence they will launch into a loud growl when you approach, and the worst part is, you can’t see them, and they won’t hear you until you’re ON them. ALL of this was true. When we shuffled down from the railroad track hike that takes you the first 4 kilometers, we were well aware that the next 2 would bring us in contact with the aforementioned seals. Despite our attentiveness, I downright came within feet of stepping on one of these 400 pound beasts before he launched up spinning around to growl in our faces before hobbling across the rocks in fright, headed for the water. After regaining an acceptable pulse, we moved on, scaring seal after seal as we passed, doing our very best to avoid them, climbing through thorny brush if possible to avoid them. After a kilometer or so, our guilt got the best of us, and we decided to turn back. The fear of the seals was not an issue, but watching them literally piss themselves and awkwardly stumble across these massive rocks was too painful to watch. Regardless, we got a beautiful hike out of it, a close encounter with these massive animals, and a sunny day, which unbeknownst to us, would be of limited supply in the coming days.

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