Motukiekie the “Shrub Islands”

March 10, 2012 by Jeramie

Not far from the west coast, we got up in the morning and headed for Greymouth (Gri-muth, seriously… no vowels!). Actually, side note: Scott, the author of the guide book we’re using, and the fellow Oregonian we met in the caves up north enlightened us to his realization. If you stick your index finger in the side of your mouth like a fish hook, and then try to say the name as you perceive it to be pronounced, you’ll probably get it right.

We passed by Greymouth and stopped in at Coal Creek Falls for a short hike to a small, yet quaint and beautiful waterfall, rarely visited by tourists. A quick bite of lunch and headed for Motukiekie Beach.

Here was a gorgeous coastline!  Motukiekie actually stands for “shrub islands”, which perfectly described the scene. Stacked for kilometers all the way back down to Greymouth were huge rocks with thin necklines, topped with heavy foliage growing every which way.

And for my fellow climbers… All along the coast were huge boulders, arches, and caves filled with the most solid conglomerate rock I’ve ever seen. You could literally grab a rock, cemented into the greater boulder, and it held fast with your full weight. Out of climbing shape, and in simple water shoes, I couldn’t do much, but the itch got under my skin again for the first time since we got here.

On our walk back we noticed a few groups of people pulling sea life of some kind from the rocks exposed by low tide. Zoe asked a local woman collecting, and found out the abundance of mussels we saw were there for the taking, 50 per person!!! She graciously handed us an extra bag she had with her, and Zoe began collecting while I made a run for the local store to pick up white wine and some other essentials. I must say that especially after finishing Omnivore’s Dilemma a few days ago, this meal Zoe put together, sat especially well in my stomach. It was slow work scrubbing and de-bearding the lively and healthy critters, but it was well worth it!

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  1. ScottCook says:

    Hahahaha…gri-muth!!! I saw all the starfish at the bottom of the first motu-pic and i was hoping you got to see lots of them. What a great mussel-a-rama at low tide huh!!

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