2 of Thousands

March 14, 2012 by Jeramie

I got up early this morning, and got us on the road right away. About 45 minutes down the road was Fox Glacier Town, and Lake Matheson infamous for it’s reflection of the Southern Alps, if you can catch a glimpse. You see, too early in the morning, the sun is behind the mountains, and they are silhouetted, too late in the day and the water and wind begin to move ruining the reflection, leaving only an hour or 2 in the later morning, which of course must happen to be a cloudless sky. No such luck for us, we got little peeks of the towering mountains behind the veil, but that was all.

After breakfast in town we continued the journey south, stopping at a beautiful beach where thousands of tourists find cantaloupe sized white rocks and write short messages, their country of origin, and date arrived. Or to a lesser extent attempts at gravity defying cairns, most of which seemed to have been knocked over in windstorms. I’m not generally a supporter of marking your spot, (carving in a tree or rock “Joe was here”) but there did seem to be something beautiful about this case. For one you could step back and see these white stones up and down the edge of the beach, and appreciate it as seemingly clean nature, while also realizing the sheer number of people who have come through here. Then upon closer investigation you could see all the dates and countries from these people, further aiding you in realizing the wonder of all these travelers passing through here, from so many places, over so much time. And last but not least, the messages, of appreciation primarily, inscribed on each one.


Zoe and I opted to take a seat and battle the wind in creating cairns which would inevitably fall before we even left the car park, but it was a nice little stop on our way, and a subtle reminder where we were, and how appreciate everyone should be to see a place like this.

Our beach camp for the night south of Haast.

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2 Responses to “2 of Thousands”

  1. ScottCook says:

    Was this the beach camp slot I’m attempting to describe for the Wilderness campers??

  2. Jeramie says:

    I’m pretty sure it is. That being said, the next day we got a flat in Haast Pass, and I’m somewhat convinced I got the rock jammed in the tire from popping into this camp spot. If it’s the same one, it was easy enough, but seemed a little sketchy getting the van in there, in hind sight the rocks in the driveway were pretty jagged.

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