Lake Tekapo

March 25, 2012 by Jeramie

The morning brought new beauty to an already amazing lakeside view. The clouds lifted from the mountains across the lake, showing off their newly snowcapped peaks. The water was glowing more vibrantly, almost as if it had been infused with energy over night. On the agenda though, was a much different view of the adjacent Lake Tekapo. The short drive brought us up a steep hill to an observatory overlooking lakes in all directions, backed by mountain ranges to both the north and west. We took it in, aware that this would possibly be our last view of the grandeur of New Zealand. Christchurch, coming full circle, was our next stop.

We arrived in town late, unsure where to begin the dreaded task ahead, of selling the van. So, in true procrastinating fashion, we put the majority off until tomorrow.

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